PhotoniCare is developing a handheld, low-cost imaging platform that uses light to see through human tissues. PhotoniCare’s lead product, the ClearViewTM otoscope, enables front-line clinicians to see through the eardrum for the first time.

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Surgacoll Technologies is a medical device company developing novel tissue regeneration products for the surgical treatment of diseases of the bone, cartilage and other human tissue. Based on the technology developed at the Tissue Engineering Research Group of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the company aims to become a leader in the field of regenerative medical devices. For more information, please visit company’s website.


Calcivis is a UK-based company that has created a sophisticated medical device and consumable combination designed to transform the assessment and management of demineralization associated with dental caries and other erosion. The technology utilizes a unique, proprietary bioluminescence approach combined with a specialized imaging device, which allows visualization of active ongoing demineralization. 

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Stent Tek is a medical device company, specializing in endovascular solutions. Stent Tek is developing a novel catheter based system that aims to provide a safer and more efficient alternative for 2.8 million patients globally to receive hemodialysis for kidney failure, reducing the physical and financial burden of hemodialysis on patients and the healthcare system.

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BlueJay Mobile Health, Inc is a patient engagement health technology company focused on providing a comprehensive mobile solution for providers and patients to easily and continuously communicate pre- and post-discharge and follow up visits. BlueJay Mobile Health has developed one of the first patient engagement mobile platforms “BlueJay PT”, targeted toward physical therapists and surgeons for rehabilitation care. The mobile platform enables providers to prescribe personalized treatment plans to patients’ mobile phones, track patients’ health progress, and communicate with patients under HIPAA to achieve better outcomes and quality of care. The long term goal of Bluejay Mobile Health is to expand its mobile platform to enable other providers such as primary care physicians to engage patients on post-acute and chronic care.

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QL Diagnostics is a diagnostic laboratory and clinical trial services company based in Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province in China. QL is committed to the advancement of clinical laboratory technologies, personalized medicine and new treatments. The company offers a large range of medical laboratory tests such as blood chemistry analyses, urinalyses, microbiology cultures and procedures. QL conducts clinical bioequivalence studies for its customers to support ANDA approvals. Its cooperation with the Guizhou Medical University enables QL to offer a complete set of end-to-end solutions for its clients. Besides clinical research, QL offers design and implementation of preclinical in vitro and in vivo PK and biomarker studies to support of drug research and development.


Julz Pharma serves the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries.  Among  its services, Julz Pharma facilitates distribution of pharmaceutical products, identifies opportunities for in-licensing technology and assets, and provides R&D and clinical research services.  Julz Pharma is based in the Research Triangle, N.C., and Suzhou, China.

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